Crack open your creativity with Sue Woolfe

What happens in the masterclass retreat

I ask you to come with unedited, disconnected fragments- all the bits and pieces you’ve stored away in drawers and cupboards.  I show you a way to patch them together- a way you’d never dream of. You’ll find they tell a story. And then we streamline it, so your story is on its way.


  • Linking your fragments to become a story.
  • Voice, how to know when you’ve found it, how to re-find it constantly. Every published fiction writer knows the struggle is not for the plot, but for the voice.
  • Character- how to develop unique characters, how to run with them, inhabit them and collude with them, how to dress them and give them story-telling characteristics.
  • How to write a riveting beginning and a satisfying ending.
  • How to create suspense, so your story is a page-turner.

Please be familiar with :

The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady: A Writer Looks at Neuroscience and Creativity, Sue Woolfe, UWA Press, 2007 (for sale from the publisher  here) or in your local library.

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