Recover your creativity with Sue Woolfe

What happens in the editing retreat


You get very close attention in this class:

This retreat we have for the second time, Gordon Graham, novelist and playwright,  assisting Sue Woolfe. Gordon helped retreaters make what they called “a big step” in their manuscripts in  Nafplio in 2017. Just before April 2020, we’ll both read your manuscripts and write comments and suggested edits on them, which Gordon will present and talk through during the retreat.

Gordon will be on hand throughout the retreat to mentor you through changes. Every day he’ll send you off for more work. He’ll be emphasising the 3 act structure, and using the turning points to make the most of the emotional underpinnings of your story. He’ll pay special attention to your beginning pages to see that you’ve firmly set up what’s at stake, and making sure your ending reflects this, and packs a emotional punch. 

Sue Woolfe will drop in when requested at the early  morning and the late afternoon class.