Recover your creativity with Sue Woolfe

What’s different from other courses

This course is unique – a novelist’s informed take on new research on the neuroscience of creative thinking.

Creativity came to you easily when you were 5. Then you went to school where you were taught to create, yes, but at the same time, to criticise yourself. Seems sensible, doesn’t it? But it’s not. That’s because in our brain there are two entirely different ways of thinking- (think of them as railway tracks) – thinking creatively, and judgmental thinking. You learned to double-think, & that damaged your creativity. The neurons of each type of thinking fought with each other. Then self-consciousness killed it off completely.

I teach you to think in the 2 different ways and at different times- to create, and only afterwards, to consider it, sculpt it, form it into a pleasing shape. You’ll be amazed at the difference. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to learn.

After all,  it comes naturally.


So imagine what running away in 2020 can do for the rest of your life….